Abilene Scale Company is owned and operated by Mark Carey. Mark has had over 33 years of experience in the scale business and started Abilene Scale Company with a desire to provide ranchers with more information about their livestock and to design a customized scale.

Having to haul cattle to a sale barn costs ranchers a signficant amount of money. Combining the weight loss due to mileage and the amount the sale barn takes off the top, ranchers potentially lose 5 to 7 percent on every animal.

To keep ranchers better informed, Carey began designing and building a portable livestock scale, utilizing a pipe lever scale with 10,000 to 20,000 pound capacity.

ASC has the utmost confidence that our products will meet the demands of our customers. Deep down in our heart, we know every part of our scale is the best. If our name is going on it, it has to be the best.