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  • The Original Mechanical Pipe Lever System
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  • Custom Built To Customer's Preference
  • Self-Contained Group Scales Ready To Weigh
  • Fast, Accurate, Efficient Weighing Scales
  • Most Durable Scale on Earth, Guaranteed

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ASC scales are made with quality material and workmanship to withstand the toughest treatment. They are designed to last a lifetime. Abilene Scale Company was recognized to be one of fastest growing scale companies along with the "best quality-best value" scales in this market.

Abilene Scale Company provides Farmers and Ranchers with the most "durable scale on earth" with all American made products.

I have continuously added value, re-designed, placed Rubber/Rumber floor decks, and much more into manufacturing my scales and they are still the "BEST QUALITY/BEST VALUE" scales- untouched by any of my competitors!


Featuring Quality Rumber® Flooring


We use quality Rumber® Flooring. Rumber® Materials Inc.manufactures a wide variety of strong and highly durable products from 100% recycled tire rubber and plastics. Exceptional strength, durability, versatility, increased safety and features that result in less down-time, fewer replacement costs, and extended life for Rumber products make Rumber the environmentally-friendly and cost-effective choice.

Rumber® flooring is impervious to water and serves as a cushioning surface for livestock, giving them a firmer footing and minimizing the risk of injury. In addition, Rumber's cushioned texture reduces the physiologic stress on joints and soft tissue, noticeably reducing the fatigue associated with transport.

Rumber is the environmentally friendly material, a natural choice for a number of specialized products. Bottom line, Rumber products are your most cost-effective option because they’re easy to maintain and they last longer over time.

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